Limited R language support, language server is not available

new learner/user here … Tuesday 3/26, just noticing for a new R repl at bottom of R main window is an asterisk with message says “limited language support because the language server is not available” …whereas in other new repls like Py or C this shows a green check mark. Is this simply an occasional issue beyond replit and replit user configuration? What exactly does this signify and what if any difference does this make?


That message means that syntax checking and code highlighting would be temporarily unavailable, not that the language will be different than any other distribution of R.


thanks, just getting acquainted here … so wandering onto another elementary question then, the “R language server” that is mentioned in this “limited support” message, …is this a local server for replit users here / dev groups etc., or is it accessible to various / all online users? …>>>…if replit users were seeing this message today were likely then also other types of users/enterprises? … I guess I’m trying to comprehend the scope of the “R lang server” like is there only 1 for all the web or are there lots…thanks


A language server is really just a thing that highlights your code and makes it look pretty and a lot more easily readable. There are often many different languages servers for popular languages so there’s a good chance there’s more than one for R. Replit uses Nix, so almost anything you find on should be able to be easily plugged into your Repls.

In other words, the language server is a piece of software (not an actual server) hosted by Nix, making it publicly available.


thanks for the tip on nixos … being new and getting acquainted with the panel layouts, this was something I just happen to notice today about R in the repl main panels bottom, where others I tried like Py and C had the green check mark and status message “active” lang support, R had the asterisk and “limited” message. Only using the free version here, do R repls usually have that “active”/green check lang support… do most of the various languages here have that feature for the main file panel?

I think this means that Replit doesn’t support the syntax check and IntelliSence for R now. I guess only the most mainstream languages are supported, but I am not sure. And what I know is that language servers are not just in Nix, but can run in many OSs just like other software such as C compilers or Python interpreters. However, Replit uses Nix to manage environment, so it is natural for Replit to get this software from Nix package manage system.