Light Mode Flashes When Loading A Repl

Problem description:
I have dark mode on but when I load up a repl the screen will flash for less than a second with the light theme. Screen recording 2023-01-02 5.22.20 PM β€” Kapwing

Expected behavior:
That I will not see light mode flash when loading a repl.

Actual behavior:
I see light mode flash when loading a repl.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Load up a repl and you will see it flash

chrome/chrome os

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I am unable to repro this. Though I am using a custom dark theme

That’s really strange, it has never happened to me. Are you using a replit official theme or a custom theme?


It does it for custom and the default

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Oh, this is a strange case!

Hey @GoodVessel92551!

I was able to repro this once, but no longer after the first time. I’ll keep testing this to see if I can get a stable repro!

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I did some more testing and for me, it only happens when I open a Repl from the home page.


I was able to reproduce this consistently and have sent this issue to the team!

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