Library can not be found

Keep on getting the following error when running my code:

raise LibraryNotFoundError('The library libcrypto could not be found')
oscrypto.errors.LibraryNotFoundError: The library libcrypto could not be found

Repl link:

New to this and finally got everything running but I even took out all of the version dependencies in my requirements.txt file and I’m still getting the error after reinstalling all requirements. Since I’m new to the platform I may not be able to engage as much as I’d like due to a 20 message a day limit. I’ve also tried with pip and poetry to install libcrypto and some other libraries that I’ve found that use it to no avail. The programs objective is to perform an API call, transform/modify it and then store the results in a snowflake database via sqlalchemy. From looking at the error it looks like it’s an issue with sqlalchemy’s snowflake connector something to that effect.

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