Lets goo lol (fake)

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Can you please explain? Idk what this is.

I think it’s a joke that he got an email with the repl.it domain

Lol, anybody wish replit had stayed with the repl.it domain…

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Yes I was so confused when they switched

No, because it is blocked for me at school XD

Wait what happened? What switch

From repl.it to replit.com

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Oh I thought it was always repl.it redirecting to replit.com :0

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@MiloCat The domain used to be repl.it but due to issues replit was having with securing the domain they switched to replit.com and rebranded their site.


anyone can just search up randomname@replit.com on gmail.com and see results


repl.it now redirects to replit.com

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I still type Repl.it into the URL bar and will keep doing as such until the day I die.

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or until they remove it completely

I doubt that will ever happen

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And that’s the day Replit shall fall to my hands…