Lets ban oneboxing Replit

When you share a baron link to a repl discourse try to make it a one box BUT it does not one box leaving a huge gap in the page with no link. When this happens it makes it very hard for normal users to view the link¹ and TL4 and staff can view the link relatively easly².

If we add *.replit.com/* and *.repl.it/* to the black list for one boxes (onebox domains blacklist) this would lead to them not “being” one boxed and all users would be able to easily view the link

¹ All users can view the raw contents of any posts using the following link https://ask.replit.com/raw/${topicId}/${postNumber}
² TL4 and staff can edit all posts so as an effect we can view the link that way.


I wondered about this as there have been a lot of flagged posts recently with oneboxed repls.

We can’t add * to onebox blacklists as Discourse doesn’t allow this.

Little test:

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Looks like this works. Now we need to edit a lot less to fix this.


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