Lessons- How can students see the content?

Dear All
I am a beginner here and I want to share content with my stutens in lessons
I ve created the lessons following the tutorial
My students can not see the content
Instructions.Md are not visible in students repl


Hey @SocratesSt, welcome to the forums!

Just to confirm when you create the .Lesson file you need to put all the content inside it so your students can see it. This article from the replit docs might help!

As I said in my profile I can see the lesson content…
My students NO
I followed the article for creating

Hi @SocratesSt can you share a link to the Repl you are having difficulties with? Or, if this is not possible because it is on Teams for Education, can you record a short video showing the Repl using loom?

  1. I will send a link to youtube video regarding the process in this afternoon
    I want to expand tour software for Education in Romania and I really need to catch the point
    2 When I copy to other team is changing template and I don’t know to use main.py
    I created Python template, first team seems to see the same second see Blank …
    3 I have to small teams
    Thanks for your support
    I wll send more replies
    What I see as a team admin Socrates- Lectia 1

What my students seeing

What I am creating

What first team seeing

What second team seeing

I will do little movie and send you as a link
It’s possible that I am wrong


Dear Ian ,
Can you please consider my concerns
Socrates st

Hi @SocratesSt sorry I missed your update. I’ve taken a look and I think I understand why the students aren’t seeing your instructions.

You have renamed the instructions.md file to Lectia 1... which stops it from being displayed to the students when they open the project in their teams.

You will have to change the name back to instructions.md

Can you try this with a new project and see if this resolves your issue?

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Thanks for update,
I really don’ t want to minimize your advice but I found the answer
But, I have the second issue
2. When I create a lesson with Python template for 1st team is ok. I will copy for 2nd team and template become Blank and I don"t know to configure and they can not use main.py

Hi @SocratesSt thanks for your reply.

Can you confirm what you did to solve your original issue? Was it renaming the file?

With regard to your second issue can you please share images so that I can see the differences between 1st team template and 2nd team template?