Lesson page for student team

How to put a picture on Cover page for team quiz see pic below … I can’t modify this in the instruction page …I am giving quiz and my program just asks questions so i just want students to answer them. I do not really want the quiz to show code to them just to run automatically.
I had other programs that I published and was able to add picts to it and when you clicked on it the program would run. but this not team category

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code snippet

Hey @panagranit!

You can add a cover page by going into your Repl and clicking on your Repl name on the top left corner. Click Publish and you can change the settings, select the Cover Page tab and select a photo and republish and you should have a cover page on your Repl. I hope this helps!

Hi @panagranit !
When you publish this, you can select ‘Photo file’ for the Cover Page display, instead of ‘File from repl’, so that Instructions.md won’t show up, and you can choose a photo.
Hope this helps!