Leaving Forums to focus on something dear to my heart

If you want to participate, me and @anon45021817 have decided to “kill” the forums and stop posting at all, if you wanna join for fun you can :stuck_out_tongue:


for context: I wanna focus on irl, Dooms feels the same so we’re just gonna stop posting because I keep the forums alive for some reason :confused:


I want my TL3 back and I’m #6 on the leaderboard. No way I’m stopping. Nobody wants to see you go bigminiboss. This is the first of heard of Doomsdaybear leaving. It won’t be the same without you two for sure.


I can’t even get TL3, I’m on their hit list :sob:. (I got silenced/suspended twice)

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oki sounds good but idk why I keep the forums alive so :v:

Well Dooms has been talking about it in VIP Lounge.

omg same :sob:

You are already TL3.

I’m good one this, after getting suspended again and rank locked essentially I’m drying up on here, I will still be on but not near as much as when I was TL3 or before that.

You were suspended so I couldn’t invite you to the PM but I lost TL3 due to a change in the requirements. I’m working hard to get it back. Ethan thought ~2 weeks. I’m already ~1 week in. My hope is to be TL3 by April. Regardless I will work until I get it back. If you click on my profile it does not indicate TL3 in any way.
EDIT: Oh I’m TL3 again as of this morning.


Will I still be able to talk with u in PMs or nah?

PMs are TL2 for sure (I think even TL1 has them). I’ve been using them, as can EarthRulerr and when bmb and Dooms are gone they’ll lose TL3 but still have PMs.

I am TL2 so guys dont exclude me I still exist :0

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You were suspended when I lost my TL3 so I didn’t include you because Ask wouldn’t let me.

Gotta focus on DOOM for Nintendo 3DS. Maybe I’ll join.

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prolly not :ok_hand: I won’t be on ask very much catch me on replit or if you ever get discord

Still gonna log in every day and lurk.

ok so I can at least reach you lol


changed the post to clarify; I am leaving for something very very important to me. I’m sorry to leave but I need to really badly


Also, note when I come back I will be trying to stay away from people; please don’t take it as being cold, I explain it here Get to know me! - #80 by bigminiboss

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Is this for everyone?


Yeah. I got suspended but took a step to this by deleting my mainsite.
It is addressed towards everyone though.

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