Layout / Panel / Tabs behavior is annoying

Tabs behavior is crazy. If the webview refresh, next tab that opens will go the panel that has the webview. If for some reason the console/shell panel refresh something files start to open on that panel.

I tried to reset the layout on the settings, but it still keeps behaving weirdly. I want all the new files clicked to open on the “files” panel and if I need so, I can drag it.

Another anoying behavior is if Im editing a file and it auto saves, for some reason and I go to a different file to consult something it will close my previous file. I think this is trying to mimic Vs Code behavior to just consider a file open if youre editing, but it`s not working since after saved it ignroes that I was working on that file.

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Hi @LucasSchirm I’ve moved this topic to #bug-reports since I don’t think there is a fix for this.


Adding a link for a video for reference what I`m talking about. Hope it help to understand.


Hey @LucasSchirm!

Thank you for reporting this. I was able to reproduce this issue and have sent it to the team. I will revert back if I have any updates on the issue!


Oh, yeah, also facing this issue. I was so confused that the code didn’t show up!

I hate the way the workspace tabs work. Half the time it opens stuff in the existing tab (thus closing what I’m working on). The rest of the time, it either keeps opening in new tabs (thus causing clutter), or opens in weird places like next to the console even though that’s not the tab I’m using. If it would just be consistent, it wouldn’t bother me as I could learn to adjust to it.


Thank you for your feedback! I have sent this directly to the team so we can improve the behavior of tabs.

Also, when the title of a tab is italicized, it works as a “preview tab”. From there, opening a file will replace the preview tab with the file. However, tabs without this styling will stay open, and opening a file will open in a new tab.

You can turn a preview tab into a normal tab by double-clicking, which will remove the italics from the tab title.


Ahh, that makes much more sense now. Was wondering why some tabs were italicized. Maybe make that more clear somewhere, or add a setting to turn it off.

But on VS Code, when I have a preview tab I can simply double click on it to active as real tab, or if I did any change on it (saving or without saving) it would leave preview state to be a real tab.

That’s a great idea and something we will consider as we improve the workspace UI/UX!

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That’s how it works here.

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