Lavalink (wavelink) + Replit

Does Replit support lavalink? Or do I need to host lavalink in another location and make replit connect to it? Wavelink 2.3.1 documentation

Yes, Replit supports running Lavalink, which is a popular audio player library for Discord bots. However, hosting Lavalink on Replit can be a bit challenging due to resource limitations and the need for a persistent connection.

Try to host Lavalink on a separate server or platform that allows for long-running processes and stable connections. Then, you can configure your Replit application to connect to the externally hosted Lavalink instance.

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Yeah, just to be sure.
Do you know which port is allowed to connect?
I’m using 2333 but I’m getting the same error.

Wavelink 2.0 was unable to connect, retrying connection in: “0.3111270300673128” seconds.

typically uses port 2333 by default for WebSocket connections. However, it’s possible that the port you’re using is blocked or restricted by your network or hosting environment.

Replit has some limitations on network connectivity and port usage for security reasons. Still see issues with that when scrolling through other topics sadly. By default, only certain ports are open for outbound connections, and ports used for server processes may be blocked. Sadly, Replit does not provide a way to configure custom ports for network connections.