Launch Roblox on your Browser

I found a roblox emulator. Pls look into this and pls report any bugs.

link -

Thank you

You “found” one or you “made” one? Regardless, it’s probably against ToS, because it’s probably considered a proxy.

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I found one. Just click the button and it will open the website.

it is not a proxy. Try clicking the button

That link seems like one you have made, or at the least one you are hosting. I would recommend not doing so as, again, it’s probably a ToS violation.

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I am not going to, I’d like to not have my school ban replit for hosting things like a Roblox proxy, thanks.

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Could you provide the actual repl link so we can see if this is actually a proxy or not?

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That is not what I meant. I meant the link that looks like

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Nevermind I dug into your code a bit, traced that button, and see what you are doing. I’m not certain wether or not that is a ToS violation, but probably not.

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try clicking that button
Trust me

If anything happens, I will take the blame

No thanks, I see what that domain is.

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you know what it does :laughing: :laughing:

I opened the site by itself in a new tab with out the data on the end of it, and it’s fairly obvious.

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dont tell it to anyone

You can find the Repl link by just going to /__repl on the website.

That method is not foolproof FYI.