Last successfully ran python file is still showing up in the console with a differently executed file


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Hi @ericchelini1, welcome to the community!

So, first of all, that is a txt file, not a Python file. Second of all, Replit runs the main file by default. You can either change the .replit file, or just create a new Repl for every program you want to create, rather than creating a new file.


Thank You Sir.

Eric Chelini

You need to put that code in file. as the file you are (trying) to run is not a python file. When you click the run button, you are running Hope that helps!

No problem!

I’m a girl, by the way.

NO!!! You beat me to solving it! Ugg. I will solve one one day though…

sorry…miss QQ
I failed to check…

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Thank You.
I will modify the file to .txt

That won’t run the file, if that’s what you were thinking. I meant that Replit was treating it as a .txt file instead of a Python (.py) file.

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That’s what I mean QQ.


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