Large strings written to the console from node.js generate strange characters

Problem description:

I have a node.js app that writes a very large string to the console. When it does so I get intermittent unusual characters in the Console: ���

I ran my app from the shell redirected the output to a file, both in the Replit file viewer and downloading the file and viewing it locally I do not see any weird characters.

Expected behavior:

My program output should be faithfully reproduced in the Replit Console

Actual behavior:

My program output is interspersed with ���

Steps to reproduce:
Bug appears at this link:

Repl: @KumuPaul/AoC-2022-Day14#index.ts
You will need an advent of code session id in the session_id environment variable to run this.


Microsoft Edge Development stream: Version 109.0.1481.0 (Official build) Dev (x86_64)
Mac OS, MacBook

Hey @KumuPaul!

Could you send me a screenshot or a screen recording (I recommend using of the issue?