Large-ish Repl stops randomly

When I press the run button on my project it stops within a few seconds sometimes, with no error message, but there is not a successful run tick, but a warning symbol.
I need help, either determining the error, if there is an error, or determining why Replit is just stopping.
This is my project:
I would be grateful for any help.

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When a repl stops unexpectedly with no error message, it is sometimes because the repl has run out of memory.
Check the resources tab near the top when running the program. A program that runs out of memory is killed without any message, and shows the “warning” icon in the console Run.
If the program is instead run in the Shell, it may say Killed, indicating replit killed the process for taking too much memory.


Thank you!
However, I realized that my code had a memory error, which I found with Valgrind, causing a core-dump.
Advice to future people who have the same problem: entering ./main in the shell will run the compiled binary file, but it will tell you if there is a core dump. You can also use Valgrind to debug the memory error, and if a random file labeled vgcore.[number] appears in the directory, delete it, it’s just valgrind’s dumped virtual core.


Here’s a similar topic about this:

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Thank you Nuclear Pasta. I get the reference that your name is, by the way.
I know that I’m being a complete idiot, but how do I mark a question as answered? I just looked it up, but I couldn’t figure it out.


Find the post that helped you and there should be a button that says :ballot_box_with_check: Solution underneath it near the heat button.


It just says ✓ Solution


Do note that you can’t do this in categories that don’t support it, such as it’s current one. (I’ve now moved it, and marked the solution as well since this was indeed solved)


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