KYC developers to avoid fake post on bounties

It would be nice if the developer process was more vetted. When posting a bounty it is complicated to figure out price, and then to even know if the people posting to your bounty are even real. A verified status would be great for here and maybe Replit can try to vet developers a little bit more. It would be a comfortable feeling knowing that devs are real people and not just bots. Just a suggestion


If a bounty hunter is not doing their job or something of the likes you can contact support through the discussion tab of the bounty requesting them to be removed.

It used to be only verified people could apply for bounties but there were too many problems since they got a huge amount of applications and not enough people to review and it could take months for your application to be reviewed. And it wasn’t really good so people that weren’t good bounty hunters were verifed.