Keyboard UI to select code suggestions for files with a specific extension in a mobile environment

Describe your feature request

This is a feature request for Replit mobile.
We need a keyboard UI to select code suggestions for files with a specific extension (e.g., .go files) in a mobile environment. For many languages, such as with .py files, a keyboard UI for selecting code suggestions is displayed, but it does not appear for certain languages.
See Cannot select suggestions in some languages for the details.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?

It will make the development of difficult languages to work with on replit mobile, such as Go language, much smoother.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request

Since I couldn’t adopt code suggestions, I had to type in the code myself every time.


I can confirm the same issue for .lua files code suggestions in the Android app.

Actually I was amazed by the possibility of using reasonable code suggestions on the app making a relevant lightweight coding option but the after 1 hour attempting to apply at least one suggestion, installing different keyboards, searching in settings I found this issue.

It renders the app for the any tablet android app based coding use-case quite use-less. It is a pity because I see the suggestions in .lua which makes sense and seems the support e.g. for .py works well - one button for confirming the suggestions is missing.

After thinking what I tried on tablet was to imitate the behavior of replit in browser or the desktop app - I was attempting to press TAB on Android keyboard to accept the “suggestion” (=thats why I was installing special keyboard, etc.). So no dedicated button is needed - in case the Android replit app TAB key would work the same as the PC Browser replit or PC Desktop app replit = accepting already displayed suggestions - that would be enough.

That would speed up the coding on acceptable level and the Tablet coding would become suitable alternative.

i so have the same problem with c files