Keyboard shortcuts to minimize console /shell

Hello, I am looking for keyboard shortcuts to minimize/toggle the shell and console, so that the editor area can be maximized

Hi @VijayRao , welcome to the forums!
Are you on a laptop/PC or mobile?
For a laptop/PC, you can close the tabs (the X button), resizing the tabs by moving them around or using the lines in-between tabs to change the tab’s size.
For mobile, you can slide to other tabs or click the 3 dots at each tab, then click Close Tab.
Hope this helps!

Hi thanks for your response.

When I press “command B” I can collapse the side bar (with no mouse usage).

I’m hoping to do the same here …

Maybe try going to Tools > User Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts and edit a few things there?

IIRC, double clicking the title of any tab full screens it, so there might be a keyboard shortcut to trigger that.