Keeping the same tabs/panes open while grading projects

I’m grading a boatload of projects. I want to position panes in a particular way, with the console beneath the code, the debugger to the right, and I don’t need the instructions open at all. But every time I go to the next submission the system resets itself, and I have to reposition these. It’s a real pain.

How can I layout my code, console, and any other panes in one position and have them stay there? I’m assuming others have figured this out, please let me know!

I guess it’s embedded in the replit itself, so unless there’s a better solution I’ll just be more particular about which panes I have open before I publish the project and tell the students they can rearrange the panes however they want, but to restore my arrangement before they submit.

I have the same issue. Also when I want to pull up a student’s project on my screen when they ask for help: having to close/resize/etc. each time makes it take that much longer to help each student, over and over.

I.e. a “preferred view” with tabs a certain way, tutorials closed and ideally files open in tabs too. Again this would be for teachers grading, I still want the tutorial video to pop up when students open their projects, but the tutorial panel is useless with the nothing I have on there and it takes up almost half the screen.


This is killing me! It has killed my productivity grading and make me hate grading now.

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really sorry to hear that even though I’m just a volunteer for replit I still don’t like some of the changes replit has made XD