Keeping Replit running

Hi is there a way to keep my Replit running? Even when I close the tab?

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have a webserver running. On node.js, you could do

  .createServer((_, r) => r.writeHead(204).end())

And add your URL to a pinger, e.g. Freshping | Free website monitoring software by Freshworks


I am 90% sure pingers don’t work anymore (mine stopped working), so the best option is to buy the “always on” upgrade for your repl.


It cant be. Static web didn’t work either, most likely a bug

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I don’t think you understand what dragon/OP was talking about here…

Is not about keep repl run by opening http port?

Seems we no need pinger anymore. The repl will keep on

for how long? Within an hour the repl gets switched off due to inactivity

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Im wrong. It have no the different