Kaboom.js Theme

A theme to match the Kaboom Playground editor!

I couldn’t make it exactly because you can’t change some things (like “Paren,” “Punctuation,” arrows, the font, and the background image) but it’s as close as it’ll get without GQL.

Link: https://replit.com/theme/@QwertyQwerty88/kaboom

Dark and light modes coming soon.


I’ve found out how to change punctuation and whatnot, but then the UI is a bit unreadable. Oh well, all that matters is the editor Ig


Kaboom.js Dark Theme

I’ve created the dark version (it didn’t actually take two hours, I just had to go for a bit)!

Link: https://replit.com/theme/@QwertyQwerty88/kaboom-dark

Light mode is coming very soon.

Kaboom.js Light Theme

My eyes hurt when making this. It’s so bright and looks so bad…

Link: https://replit.com/theme/@QwertyQwerty88/kaboom-light

for the dark themes, make the ui accent color a little darker so you can read the text easier

I could see you being the one here to make an extension to help with grammar lol.