K-12: Cycle purchasing and appling to assignments?

This is a follow-up to: Replit for K-12: General reliability? - Support / Teams for Edu - Replit Ask

Is there a way for me as the class teacher to buy cycles for my students that I can pace out reasonably over the school year? The VMs for my students are constantly pegged, and I assume that if they paid for Cycles, their sessions would be bumped up to better/less shared VMs?

That seems like a perfectly reasonable pricing model, except I think it is a big ask for 16 year-olds to meter out their CPU use when they are just beginning to code. If I could pay some amount to bump them up per assignment, that would be a lot easier for me to manage.

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Hi @GusReiber !
Is your students’ CPU and RAM gauges high?
It’s okay to ignore that, as those bars are fairly inaccurate and shouldn’t worry too much about them.
Also, I don’t think this feature is available. You could make a Feature Requests though.
Additionally, your students could use these Cycles for Ghostwriter or other stuff.

Hope this helps!

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@NateDhaliwal thx for the reply. Do you know, can I make this post a Feature Request? I see you were able to add that tag into your response. For my students, it isn’t so much that the little graph says the CPU is pegged (which it does) it is that it take multiple minutes for the code to compile. My students will also get into this loop of the connection dropping and reconnecting over and over.

My initial assumption had been that my school’s IT department, with its layers of security software running on no so great network equipment is the bottle neck. That may be partially the case, but my home experience with Replit has been similar so far this year.

It’s ok, can move the topic for you.

Are the students’ internet connection ok?

Actually, you may encounter these now more than ever, as there is a bug going around. The team is fixing it.

@NateDhaliwal this is all greatly appreciated. It sounds like you have some insider knowledge? If so, can you share any details on the bug the Replit team is tracking? Is there a ticket number?

In the end, I want Replit to work as well as it did last year. Right now it is barely usable. Are we just a couple of weeks from getting back to normal, or is this the new normal? If this is the new normal, how do I pay for the old normal?

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Right now, your best bet is to monitor status.replit.com for any status updates.


Sorry, but I don’t work for Replit so I have no insider info.
Like what @python660 said, status.replit.com has the info.

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This is likely an issue with your internet. Personally I don’t experience disconnects frequently, you can expect to experience them roughly hourly (probably a longer time period), because Replit is shuffling around resources behind the scenes to ensure resources are used optimally. In my experience they have never lasted longer than a few seconds except during an outage (during which time you will obviously be unable to connect at all).

As for the ability to distribute cycles to your students, this sounds like a great idea! Maybe there should be an option to boost your student’s workspace rather than allocating cycles to them. I’ve forwarded your post to the team. :smile:

@MattDESTROYER , you mention forwarding this post to the Replit team. Is it possible that a representative might join this thread?
…and can I ask, what level of service are you using where you don’t see disconnects all the time? And are you using Assignments in Teams for Education?


It’s definitely possible, I’ve basically just left a message for a member of the team to check out this topic, so there’s a reasonable chance they’ll reply when they see it. :smile:

I used the free plan for around two years and I’ve had the hacker plan for probably not much less than one year now. I don’t use Replit for school so I haven’t really used Teams for Education, I program more as a hobby and don’t really take relevant classes at school (although I intend to pursue it as a career later).

How frequently are you experiencing disconnects?

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Several times over the course of a class, pretty much every day.
This is new this year. Last year I was happy with Replit’s reliability. This year I am going to need to make other arrangements for my class, if I can’t get an ETA for some sort of path for improvement.

I am not sure what sort of budget my district has to pay for the Replit service, but it is more than 0. Thus… if I can pay may way… I want to. But I need last year’s performance levels.

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Paying for boosts or other powerups currently available should not change how frequently Replit is disconnecting and reconnecting. The three different plans, free, hacker and pro run on different server clusters so just not being on the free cluster could potentially help.

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@MattDESTROYER I had thought that those qualifying for education plans were automatically elevated to the Hacker clusters. Do you know if that is true? (I would have wanted that, but now I would be much happier if I can get improvement with the smaller price jump :wink: )

I can say they get more speed, more storage and better graphics performance (based on what I can see here, at the very bottom of the page), but I have no idea and can’t really find what cluster Teams for Education teams is on.

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I would like to be able to post a “solution” here. I think that requires clarifying my question:

For Educational Accounts, is there a way besides Cycle purchases to improve Assignment performance for student team members and gain improved support access?

It seems like an Education account is already a “Pro” account, suggesting that answer is no.
Can anyone from Replit confirm that?

PS. My own experience with Replit site performance has improved greatly over this past week. If others have been struggling as I was 2 weeks ago, you have reason to expect improvement based on my anecdotal experiences this week.

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