Just learned lua, sort of

wanted to learn lua to to make games, learned functions, vars, everything that was in the codecademy course, but they never taught me how to add visuals,(like sprites?[dont get triggered pls im new to coding]) or even implement controls for the game. Can you guys teach me this?

Edit: Thanks guys, im using love2d in replit now and learning slowly.

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I don’t know lua (expect Roblox lu.aʊ).
But this question needs to be specific because we don’t know which libraries are you using.


Hey @GabrielHernan26, welcome to the forums!

You can use Love2D. There’s a Replit template for it.
Or you can use Roblox for 3D games. They use Luau.

What Lua is mostly used for is embedding into stuff, like Roblox did.


Yes. Unless you are using a certain graphics library, Lua is for more embedded systems (think Raspberry Pi or Arduino). As for controls, I could only find this answer on StackOverflow that listed a repository that MIGHT have the tools you are looking for. But, they also said that Lua is built upon extensibility, so play around and see what you find. Good luck!