Just a suggestion for now

Since it appears that there are currently loading problems, I suggest we sit tight and don’t bother the team. I’m sure they are working on it, and for know, constantly trying to tell them will only split their attention away from fixing the issue. Just thought I would say that, and that I’m sure it will be fixed soon. It usually is. (Don’t expect it back up tomorrow, they can only work so fast.)


Is this for new users on Ask who might post? If so, probably useful.

It was a general thought to try and calm people who are lazy so don’t scroll down to the post stating that currently (I think) the servers have issues loading. And yes, it was also for the new people coming as they couldn’t load repls and went to seek help.

Edit: I’ll update this topic with a new post in the morning regarding if the servers are fixed. That will be in about 7-8 hours from now, as servers are currently recovering from the issue. They are still not fully online, so give them a little slack until the all online is given. That’s all from me.


Update: servers still like last night, here’s a link to the page regarding the servers current state:


Go check yourself if they are back up to full steam. The issue has been resolved, it’s just a waiting game for full power to be restored.