Jupyter code won't run in Replit

I got this interpret msg that says ‘No such file: main.py’.
I understand I need to upload a file of some type but not sure as to what files.

#this is a fun project that does a random name generator with as many different names of restaurants as you want.

def sticky_note_time():
  import random
  import string
  rest1 = input()
  rest2 = input()
  rest3 = input()
  restaurants = [rest1,rest2,rest3]
  print('your restaurant to go to is:', random.choice(restaurants))


The name of the file is Proj1.py. You have to change the name of the file to main.py in order for it to run.

Instead of renaming your file to main.py, you could also click three dots, Show hidden files, open .replit, and change the entrypoint variable.
You can also run your project in the shell with python Proj1.py .