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Does anyone know how to download complete JUnit files?

I am a teacher that wrote numerous test cases for numerous projects. With Teams for Education going away, I would really like to download those files.

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Hi @joshunderwood , welcome to the forums!
Please see this topic for more information about exporting your team:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for responding. I did use the kit previously, but it doesn’t include the JUnit Tests. The JUNIT Tests are more valueable to me than the project files. Is there a way to download those?

Nevermind, I found the test cases. For those who are looking for them, they are located in the teamData File. It seems to contain the test cases for all of your projects. I was expecting the Unit tests to be associated with the specific projects, but they are not. I don’t know if I’m missing something, but you will have to parse the file quite a bit to get useable test cases.


Thanks for finding this! In order to make the test cases easier to read, I wrote a Python program to format the test cases. You just need to upload your teamData.json file. I wrote it to format for codeHS, where I am moving my test cases, but with some alterations, you can format it for whatever IDE you plan to use in the future. Here is my project.


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Thank you! Your program worked great! Hopefully more people find their way to this thread so they can recover their test cases!

Thank you again!

Just another heads up to everyone, the exported projects don’t seem to include the setup and teardown information. If you are redirecting input/output streams you will have to grab that information manually from the looks of it.

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