June 2023 Contributor Badge

Wow! A year of Contributor Badges!! Well done to the 927 users who achieved the badge this month!

HUGE thanks this month to @Darkoknight and @CoderElijah for working on the design, @not-ethan, @SalladShooter, @KillerCl0wn and @Idkwhttph for suggestions. Thanks also to everyone in the community for being so active, helping others, raising issues, suggesting features and sharing your skills!


It would be great to keep the collaboration going, so if you would like to suggest ideas for the July 2023 Contributor badge please post below.


I got an idea:
Maybe a computer on the July badge?

Does contributing mean to post stuff?(I got the badge)

As long as you post a topic or reply (I have to confirm that), you can get the badge. In the next month, after a few days, you’ll get the badge for the previous month.
If you’re a regular (not the tl) on the forum, you should get it every month.


Does regular mean “to regularly use the forum”?

Now that’s out there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Beach ball for the badge?


This was the badge for July 22.

@SalladShooter you inspired me to make a quick Repl that holds all the previous badges so you can see them in better resolution than in the Ask badges page: https://askcontributorbadges.ianatreplit.repl.co/