June 2022 Contributor Badges Awarded

Thank you to the 31 users who contributed to this Discourse site during June. You are the first recipients of the new monthly contributor badges.

July offers another opportunity for you to collect a unique badge for contributing as well as others for attending Replit-organised events!

If you have any feedback on the new badges please let me know in the thread!


I like the badge! How is it awarded? And can I make a topic for ideas for feature badge pictures? (or whenever they are called) And I think it should be named Contributor June 2022 to make it shorter since it would be assumed it’s for Replit Ask.

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@IanAtReplit It’s great to have profile build up on active participation in forum and badges prove your contribution to community.

I would like to suggest if there can be way to download this as “profile at replit” just like we can export our LinkedIn profile so this can be attached in CV that’s if it makes any sense :sweat_smile: its just my opinion.


I like the idea. I do belive I remember there is a topic about downloading badges for linked in over on meta. Let me take a look for it


I love the new badge, thank you!!

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Found it. Discourse Training offer a certificate of participation or does it issue any proof of knowledge in using Discourse? - support - Discourse Meta.

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Hi @Ethan just back from hols. Bulk award based on CSV file extract filtered on last post date. If a user has posted / replied within the month it’s very quick to work this out.

I think a topic for future badge pictures is an excellent idea! Thank you for this!

Good point re removing “Replit Ask” from the badge name. Makes sense - consider it done!

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Thanks. I plan to make the topic within the next hour. Also I still see replit ask in the badge name.

And just a suggestion but we have a badge if you have all the monthly badges in given year. (Except this one that’s only 6 months needed)

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That’s also a good idea! The “ultimate collector/contributor 2022”?


If there post was deleted would it still show up in the CSV? If so we should try and fix that so people don’t make low quality posts just to get the badge.

That’s a good point. I’m not sure how we can capture this without manually checking each user. If anyone has any good ideas please let me know!

Is it ok if I ask what level of hosting we have with discourse? I want to know what plug-ins we can use:.