Js code suggessions

i was working in javascript. it was too easy to write code as it was suggesting the syntax. for example if i want to write a for loop, it would suggest the loop syntax as i type just “for”.
after i created a new replit with nodejs, above mentioned suggessions stoped working

anyone… help

Hey @rootmailbook, welcome to the community!

Go to Tools → Settings → Code intelligence and make sure it’s enabled.

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well. thanks to help but sorry to say that its not working

Try reloading your page.

done already a lot of times but no positive results

Strange, it’s working for me:


yes. its working that way for me too. but earlier as i typed “for”, it suggested just two things as for loop or for of loop. selecting one of these two, tho whole syntax of for loop get auto typed.

which is not working now


I see. Maybe you can make a post in #bug-reports.

very well. i will try to report… thanks

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I’ve had this happen a few times and there appears to be no easy solution to it. I find that it usually happens if I leave the tab open for a long time, or turn off the computer and come back again.

What about reloading and clearing cache, aka CTRL+F5

normally when this happens to me it’s when i click on a different tab and come back. There should be a cloud new the top left if you see it faded and unfading replit is trying to save your code. I think leaving your tab might stop replit’s code or something because once you do it enough replit stops working for me entirely. i think this is a bug though because refreshing should work