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Hello I am a user……
I know the languages of HTML and CSS, I don’t know about JS yet, and it looks kinda hard to learn. I am currently learning Python. Is there anyway that I can use python instead of JS in my websites? I want to include some interactive content to my websites.

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unfortunately, browsers do not have python support. You could consider pyscript, which uses a tiny bit of javascript and then give you a way to run python on the web.


Do you think I will have to learn a bit of js or can I just copy and paste from program to program?

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you can probably follow the quickstart guide, but python in the web won’t get you far. If you plan on doing web dev, you really should learn JS.


I don’t really think I’m going to go deep into Web Dev. Was at first thinking about a minor, but I just want to keep it as a hobby and small freelancing. At least I know I’m better than the web dev who made the website for Berkshire Hathaway.


Python in the browser wouldn’t really work for doing web dev… I’d recommend rethinking your goals.


Kind of like @python660 said, JavaScript is the scripting language that powers the web. Browsers do not understand anything other than HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and there are very few tools that can replace JavaScript on the client side. It is by far worth it to learn basic JavaScript (which is by far easier to learn than other alternatives) and will very much make your experience designing web pages more enjoyable.


What about Flask? I used that for some time and even now I find js better it’s alright for web dev. Although I would recommend learning. Despite how it looks it’s not that bad if your learning it from a good place

JavaScript is great for web development, but if you are looking for alternatives, try compiling a different language to WebAssembly and then using it in your JS code. It can do a whole ton.

Flask is good but idk if it’s possible to make games with and stuff.

Flask is a backend framework. Not a JS alternative.

If you wanna make games with python use pygame, but if you wanna make web games I think you pretty much have to use JS

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The only replacement for Javascript that I know of is HTMX

What about C++? That’s supposed to be meant for game development. I think you just need to use a platform like unity or unreal engine to actually make them look good.

If you want to stick to Python, HTML and CSS, I would reccomend Flask.


I am currently learning python at the moment, was thinking about c++ and c# post JS and I am doing JS after python so atm, I am just looking to use python instead of JS for now.

The only true way to use Python instead of frontend JS that I’m aware of is PyScript. You can also use Flask for backends.


WOW ! in-browser python scripting !

or you can use Scratch I suppose and use HTMLifier (or alternative) to compile it into an html page lol

But how seriously do we want to take scratch as both a language and engine??

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