Jobs for people with little coding experience?

I was looking at the job opportunities, and most of the jobs seem like they are for established people with advanced qualifications. Are there any jobs for people with little coding experience? For example, I am about to be a sophomore in college, working towards a computer engineering/C S degree, I have experience in java and coding games in C#. And can someone explain the bounties please?


You don’t need any qualifications for bounties, you just need to be hard working and good at pitching your skills. The key to getting accepted to work on bounties is by keeping an eye on the bounties page, and then communicating your skills and plans for the project clearly.
It can be hard at the start as clients are more likely to pick people that are verified hunters with lots of completed bounties, but you just have to shoot your shot on anything you can and once you get accepted, work really hard at completing the bounty.
The cool part about bounties is that you can look for ones that cater to your skills and experience, there are a lot of small bounties that don’t require a lot of experience, but they usually go pretty quick so you have to apply fast.