PKIX path building failed

wdym a new project, like coping and pasting this repl files into a new one? the result would be the same as it is the same code. on my machine i suppose replit wouldnt be the CA of the certificate, as there is no replit involved there

on another note, i noticed just today, that since the 1st of january (yesterday) replit isnt giving free hosting anymore… and i was just here for that free hosting honestly. so i guess no more help is needed. if you however still want to solve this, sure thing we can continue trying… but yeah not necessary anymore. thank you very much for all your help, hope you have a good new year :smile:

That’s exactly why…

I think Replit being the CA of the certificate must be triggering this response from the Java, since Replit is not an CA autority. It must work if you run your code locally or find another IDE online that doens’t proxy the certificates.