JavaScript Unit Testing (Jest and QUnit)

I would like to set up unit tests for JavaScript files in HTML/CSS projects. The docs say one can test with Jest, but when I select Tests, it says Unit tests are not currently supported for this language.

I don’t know Jest all that well, but do have some tests in QUnit, which are not supported at all. Is there any plan to include to include QUnit at any point? I would like to test for existence on divs or element properties for example.


I believe Jest is for NodeJS, which isn’t really the same as JavaScript which runs in your browser.

Yes, thank you. Jest is a supported testing type, QUnit is not. It was the closest I could find (JUnit and PyUnit are the other 2 choices and are not close at all), so thought maybe someone made a leap from Node to plain old JavaScript. I was hoping that one testing type or the other could be used to test a JavaScript application.