Javascript debugging ignores breakpoints

I’m trying to debug a javscript script, and it seems to be ignoring my breakpoint.


  1. Create a repl using the NodeJS template
  2. create a file to be run (index-1.js)
  3. add some real simple code, with some console.log statements.
  4. insert a breakpoint
  5. Open the Debugger
  6. It claims it is running the correct file
  7. Run it, from the debugger window
  8. See the output in the console pane, but it hasn’t stopped on breakpoint

a demo repl:

Shows script with breakpoints, the correct file, and the output:

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I couldn’t reproduce this on a new, official NodeJS template repl. (Are you using a different NodeJS template?)

The demo repl link is a 404, so you might need to make the repl public.

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I used the standard template, and have made my repl public.

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Hmm, I am still unable to reproduce this on a fork, using the same file and breakpoints, the debugger runs as intended.
Does the problem appear on all of your javascript repls?
Try hard reload (ctrl+shift+r), and try kill 1 in shell (I doubt this will fix it though).

You can turn this topic into a bug report and provide more info such as OS and browser.


That kill 1 needs to be better publicised!!!

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Yes, I agree.
Does the problem still persist? You could create a bug report if so.
Otherwise, you can mark my post as solution.