JavaFX Replit - autocompletion doesn't work, formatting doesn't work

Problem description:

I just created a JavaFX replit. There’s no button visible for formatting. I’ve been told that saving the file will cause it to reformat, that doesn’t work either.

Autocompletion also doesn’t work at all.

Expected behavior:

I expect formatting to work; I expect autocompletion to work.

Actual behavior:

The system does not reformat; the system does not provide any autocompletion hints.

Steps to reproduce:

Make a new replit

Bug appears at this link:


Does this have a different file extension? Replit only highlights the original extension, not sub ones, eg. py works but not pyx.

Thanks for asking.

This is just the standard JavaFX replit. I just created a public one (not in Teams for Education) just now, and once again, autocompletion doesn’t work - I had this same problem with constructors a while back, and that, AFAIK, also hasn’t been addressed.

I have a Label, brilliantly called label.

I write label. and wait, and nothing shows up.

How is it that I’m the only person experiencing these problems? How does anyone actually develop on a platform without autocompletion??

My plan now is to do my development in Visual Studio Code and then just paste in the code when it’s ready to go. Kludgey, but it’ll work.