Java unit tests not displaying in console correctly

Problem description

Since Friday, Java unit tests have not displayed properly in the console. It only shows up as 1-2 lines that you have to scroll in by dragging your mouse. This can sometimes be remedied by scrolling up and down, but oftentimes, it will not ever appear correctly. This was tested across a variety of machines, operating systems, and browsers. All systems behaved in the exact same way.

Expected behavior

It should display appropriately, as it used to allow you to see all information about the tests.

Actual behavior

Demo Video

Steps to reproduce

Create any new Java replit, try to add unit tests, and run the tests. They will not appear properly in the console.
Example repl:


Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge


Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS

Device if mobile




Can someone else attempt this to see if they are experiencing issues? Myself and all of my students are experiencing these issues. I got in touch with replit support, but they say they are unable to reproduce the issues. I am able to reproduce it every time across various machines, operating systems, browsers, networks, etc. My assumption is not too many people are using Java unit tests in replit, so no one else is currently running into this issue. Thanks!

I was able to reproduce the issue consistently. (The first unit test run in a session takes a while because of package installation.)
The replit console is often buggy.

I observed one reliable solution:
Using the dropdown arrow of the test output in the console, hide and then later unhide the run, at any time during or after it has finished.


Thanks so much for testing and reproducing. You are right, collapsing then re-expanding the tests window does sometimes work. However, the only workaround I’ve gotten to reliably fix it is to zoom in and zoom out of the window (ctrl/cmd + then ctrl/cmd -). Somehow, resizing the page seems to fix it.

I am not sure how they are saying they are unable to reproduce it. Thanks again for testing. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me and my students. Hopefully they will fix it. There’s been all sorts of odd bugs with the new console window.


There’s always been many bugs with the replit console because of its formatting and separate runs.

Perhaps try this specific method:
Run the unit tests, but hide it while it is running. Then, expand it only once it is done. I feel like this may be more robust, but I am not sure since the solution always works for me.


Yeah, that seems to work some as well. It’s just annoying and I wish they would actually attempt to reproduce the issue and fix the bugs with it. Thanks for looking into it and hopefully elevating the issue a bit.


@MichaelDArgenio As I mentioned in our ticket, we are looking into it. Thanks for reporting.

@MichaelDArgenio Thank you for your patience while we investigated and created a fix for this issue.

The fix should now be available for testing. Please verify the issue is resolved when you have a moment.

It seems to work now. I will report back if I uncover any other issues.

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