Java Servlet/Tomcat in Replit

Hello everyone,
I would like to create a basic Java Servlet application on replit. Does anyone have experience in achieving this ? Any ideas would be appreciated !!

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I dont have any experience myself but I found some repls by other replit users/creators that could help you:

  1. This is a well explained (with comments) repl, but it contains some errors. If you know how to fix them this might help you.
  2. Another repl showing log in system using servlet but it has errors too, you might cherry pick contents you need.
  3. Not a repl but a github repo instead, with links to servlet tutorial and some examples you can fork in replit(I think).

Edit: I found this another repo and it looks more like a template

Hey @s.narayanan, welcome to the forums!

Do you need someone to collaborate with you?

Hi @Pro0grammer ,

Thank you so much for these resources. I will go through them and keep you posted here on any progress.

Appreciate it !


Hi @Hugo ,

Thank you so much for your response ! I am creating a template for a class that I am teaching. I will let you know my progress and we can collab if need be.

Thanks again !