Java JARs are driving me up the walls

For the past hour, I’ve been trying to take my compiled class files and convert them into a jar so I can distribute them. After successfully doing everything ChatGPT has suggested, the JAR will build but refuses to execute because it outputs no main manifest attribute, in Project.jar even though the exact entry point class has been specified in the manifest file I added with it. (I built the JAR with jar cvfm Project.jar MANIFEST.MF -C bin/com/dacoder/project/ ., verified its contents with jar tf Project.jar, it has all of the class files and the manifest)

I think I may know why this is happening, but absolutely no clue how to fix it. I’ve had trouble just executing the .class files on their own because Java is unable to find the entry point without me specifically specifying in my execution command (java -cp bin com.dacoder.project.Project, this works for some reason, however java -cp Project.jar com.dacoder.project.Project does not and cannot locate the entry point, erroring out with ClassNotFoundException)

I wonder why Java is so hated… Any help is really appreciated, thank you!

I am also having this exact problem! Did you ever get an answer?