Java files not being recognised as project files, breaking most code completion (JDT, not AI)


Does anyone know how to get Java/Maven to recognise my source files as project files?
I’m guessing this is the reason all JDT code completion is broken, other than simple java stuff.
I’ve spent days searching for an answer online but can’t find anything, except stuff specific to either VS Code or IntelliJ.
Anytime I want to use any Spring Boot, JPA, or Lombok annotations, for instance, code completion doesn’t show anything. I know this can work on Replit, because this didn’t used to be a problem. It would even auto import the neccessary components when pressing enter to complete the code, like @GetMapping, Entity, @Getter, to name a few.
It should be added that I’ve managed to set the JDT version to 17, despite the default being 1.5 (seriously?).

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:

It’s really frustrating that this used to work and now doesn’t. Even when making a brand new repl, the same issue persists, “ is a non-project file, only syntax errors are reported.”

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