Java(Android) Support for Building Games and Apps in Replit

Dear Replit Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my excitement and interest in utilizing Replit for developing Android games and apps using Android Java. Replit has been an invaluable platform for coding and collaboration, and I believe that incorporating Android Java support would be a fantastic addition to its already impressive offerings.

Feature Request Description:
I kindly request the implementation of Android Java support within Replit, enabling developers to create Android games and apps directly within the platform. Having a dedicated development environment for Android Java would greatly simplify the workflow, enhance productivity, and provide a seamless experience for building exciting mobile applications.

Problem Solving:
Currently, Android developers face challenges when it comes to finding an all-in-one solution that combines coding, testing, and collaboration for Android projects. By introducing Android Java support in Replit, these challenges would be overcome. Developers, like myself, would be able to leverage Replit’s intuitive interface and collaborative features to build and iterate on Android games and apps more efficiently. This integration would eliminate the need for managing multiple tools and environments, streamlining the development process and saving valuable time.

Use Case and Impact:
With Android Java support in Replit, developers would have access to features such as an integrated Android emulator, support for Android SDK tools, and the ability to compile and run Android projects directly within the platform. This would empower developers to create, test, and deploy Android applications in a unified environment. Furthermore, it would facilitate collaboration among teams, making it easier to share and work on Android projects together.

By implementing this feature, Replit would further establish itself as a comprehensive platform for a wide range of programming needs, capturing the attention of Android developers seeking a convenient and efficient development environment.

I truly believe that incorporating Android Java support in Replit would be a game-changer for Android developers, enabling them to unleash their creativity and build exceptional mobile experiences.

Thank you for considering my feature request. I greatly appreciate your dedication to enhancing the Replit platform and providing an outstanding coding experience. I look forward to witnessing the continued growth and evolution of Replit.

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I personally don’t use/know java, But this Sounds Good! I suggest making a Template When replit sees your template they will add it to the options for creating a repl!

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This is unlikely to happen, at least in the short term, adding a whole new ‘type’ of virtual machine would probably be very costly for Replit. That said, who knows what the future holds, maybe they’ll add more virtual machine 'type’s other than the ‘default’ (current) which you can use for a cycles cost.


I must say I think same way.

Replit can never beat up Android Studio’s comprehensive virtual machine when testing mobile apps. If you run mobile apps with Android Studio’s virtual machine it entirely eliminate the need for an additional web browser layer and all bugs and problems that comes with extra layer.

Considering the availability of superior tools and resources provided by Google, specifically Android Studio, at no cost. Replit would be hard to compite against it trying to do same things that Android Studio do better.

One thing they could do they could make ghostwriter support mobile development and think a way to easily integrate it to Android Studio or some other ide that do mobile development this would be more sensible idea and also would attract more paying customers for ghostwriter. This also wont directly compite google with things where google tools are strong.

Also there is zero reason to host your mobile apps in replit when you can host them in google play store. 99% android users only download apps from google play store. So replit easy hosting capability is not competitive for mobile apps side of things.


I mean, it would probably be cheaper, most stores require a subscription to the service to upload apps (which are still reviewed first) which usually costs around $100, but I agree.

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Those are Apple / Microsoft prices. :money_mouth_face:

Google play store is cheaper than that. :grinning: Google play store have one-time registration fee of 25$ and if app is sold or generate revenue some other way play store take 30% of the revenue generated by app after 12 month google play store fee from revenue drops to 15%. Delivering free app in play store cost 25$ and after that you can deliver as many free apps as you like as long as apps don’t violate any terms of service rules.

Main reason for registration fee is to keep scammers at bay. When people have to fork real money to use the Play Store, it acts as a barrier for scammers.


I guess it would also reduce the amount of low-quality apps too. I didn’t know Google Play Store was so much cheaper than the other services, which is awesome. Either way, $0 (or near to) is still always preferable to $25 lol (assuming you’re getting the same thing, which obviously would depend). :smile:

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Yes registration fee also has the power to banish trolls, low-quality apps, scammers and fake apps. Price barrier makes web site more professional feeling and looking while completely free sites always suffer more from things that make them look less professional.

Everybody can of course spread mobile app apk files to install app free from their own site but people are going to think mobile apps distributed this way as scam and shady apps because it is not distributed in official more professional site (witch cost more). So when you pay for play store or other store you also pay to value that makes your app look more professional and safe.