January 2024 bot

Starting from 2024, if I want to run a bot on the hosting permanently, how much does it cost per month?

Welcome to Ask! You will need a reserved VM to have your project stay on. This costs $6.40 (USD) minimum.



I want to run a Telegram bot all the time. If I choose this subscription, how much will it cost?

As @CoderElijah said, it costs at least $6.40 a month.

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It is written on the site
you can purchase Autoscale deployments without a plan starting at $0.000024/second. For most people, this will cost less than 20 cents per month.

That’s if you want autoscale, which decreases and increases processing power depending on how many people are on a site. If you want your code to run 24/7, use reserved VMs for the price I said.

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I have an auto-publish bot on Telegram channels and it works 18 hours a day

You can’t choose when you want to run Reserved VMs, you have to run them 24 hours a day.

This means if I have 2 bots, I have to subscribe twice?

You can probably merge them into one