I've lost React Dev tools?

Hello REPL.IT Community, ya boi is stumped…

I am working in a React App repl and a few days ago I noticed I lost the react dev tools tab in the webview console. I am quite sure this is me, I touched it… I probably touched it… anyways…

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix, I would be most appreciative and I will send all the positive vibes your way.

Also, I am a super newb to Repl and just coding in general so, pardon my ignorance and don’t be afraid to speak to me like a 3rd grader. I can be rather dense at times.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @JarrodMiller welcome to the forums.

Did anything else about the code editor change? Replit is rolling out a new UI so it may be caused by that.

Nothing that I have noticed. The tab just disappeared.

Have you checked recently? If not it should be good. If the problem still ensues then go to the customer service page

Ya, its still the same. No changes. I sent a message requesting support from “replit”… (Admittedly I dont understand how or who to contact…) but I have heard no response. I will try to find the customer service page now and see if that’s where I was sending messages.


Hi @JarrodMiller thanks for your question. I just created a new React Repl here. When I clicked run the webview appears and I can click on the dev tools as highlighted below

Repl link is here so you can check it is set up the same as your project

Hey Ian,

Thanks so much for the reply. So… what I am referring to is something that comes up in the console below the web view window, (So sorry if any of this sounds like I’m talking down or over simplifying…) There is usually a tab for “React Dev Tools” or I believe it actually said component(s)… cant remember I’ll have to start another one to see… But here is where it was previously (Right next to settings)…

I’ll actually start a new real and see if it comes up on a new one.

Also… How do you like life at Repl.it? I’m a recent bootcamp grad and since graduation I’ve been working on some indy stuff in repl.it since we weren’t allowed to use it for the course.

Anywho, Thanks again and have a great night!!

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Basically this tab… but in the Repl.it dev tools and not the browser inspector. (Again, my apologies if this is obvious)


Hi @JarrodMiller thanks for this. I’ve not seen it in the Replit Dev Tools before but I’ll reach out to support and ask if there has been any changes to that part of the UI recently.


Hi @JarrodMiller good spot. React Dev tools WERE in the UI but removed accidentally. Team are in the process of restoring. Thank you for your keen eyes!

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HA!! I’m not crazy!! Thanks so much! If you can’t comment on the next question, I understand, and even if the answer is “You’re not good enough yet”, I promise I understand. But, Repl.it seems like a good company from everything I can see/tell. I’m a MERN stack dev and I’m in search of a good company where I can learn and grow.

Also if there is another forum to better discuss this I would be open to that. I’m just super eager to fill the gaps in my knowledge and learn from more experienced devs.

At any rate, thanks so much for sticking with this one to find out what happened!!

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You might find some more information you’re interested in here: https://replit.com/site/careers
(There’s even a section on life at Replit.)

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Thanks, that’s actually what peaked my interest into the company, I stumbled on to that a while back and everyone just seems to enjoy their jobs.

Have a great day!

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