I've been banned falsely from replit. What can I do now?

I’ve been using Replit, and my friend was using my account.
I didn’t realize that he had forked a ddos script because he’s a massive troll to try and ddos. So, I try to log in, and is met with a message that says my replit account has been BANNED!
Worst of all, I had purchased a yearly core subscription. EVEN WORSE, I can’t get the e-mail from Replit, since I am using a school account, and I can only get e-mails inside of my district.

Please help

Hi @30coreykamil !
Please email appeals@replit.com to appeal for your ban. Include your Replit username as well.
Hope this helps!


my friend entered a ticket, but I will do this as well.

Hi @30coreykamil , it seems that the Replit team has unbanned you.


No, I still can’t log in. For a while I didn’t realize I was banned; i’d log in with Google, it’d bring me to a white page, then I’d be redirected back to the sign up page. Finally, I tried entering in my credentials manually, and it says my replit account has been banned. but I can still go to replit.ask

nevermind, unbanned! TYSM

do I lose my core because I was unbanned? My username changed to unbanned user, but I no longer have Core. I don;t think my subscribtion should expire yet, because I purchased a year subscription in 2024 february
I also looked at a post you replied to with somebody having the same issue. I will fill out a support form (edit)

Hi there, the support form should be unnecessary, since you already got unbanned. Let me ping a staff member here to take a look about your Core plan.


Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it. I was just following https://ask.replit.com/t/replit-core-disappeared/115659 what you said there

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Hey @30coreykamil, glad to hear you were able to log back into your account. Could you provide additional information regarding your subscription? I can’t locate a previous Core subscription in our data. You should have some receipts in your inbox that should help tell us when you purchased and with what email.


Unfortunately, because I have a school account I can only recieve e-mails inside of my district. but I’ve had core. Is there any other way ic an prove ?

I may be able to check the billing and show proof of purchase there

also, since I lost my core, my usage turned to this:

my plan shouldn’t have expired, I bought a yearly subscription in 2024 February, and it’s only been four months

J have a screenshot

Thanks! I’ve re-activated your core subscription, you’ll have core until Feb 2025. In the future, I’d highly recommend using an email that is accessible to you at all times as we sometimes send important notifications.