It's time I made an Introduction!

Wow, I realised that after all my time on Replit ask, I never actually made an Introduction. So… here we go!

Who am I?

I am @NateDhaliwal on Replit and on Replit Ask, and I recently got Guidance Counselor here! (Yay! Thank you, guys!)

What do I code?

So I code in Python, HTML and CSS (like, anyone can do CSS, it’s a no-brainer)
I used to do Scratch (I’m natme6677 there, you might have seen me before)
I did Micro:bit, MakeCode Arcade, and CoSpaces EDU in school.
I also did some MIT App Inventor in another class.
I am also currently learning JavaScript (I’m at a very basic level).
You could say I’m a Jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

Soo… yeah! That’s about it!

P.S. Replit Ask is wonderful!


Hi @NateDhaliwal great introduction. I wouldn’t say you are master of none - you’ve been really helpful on Ask so far. Keep up the great work!

Which language do you prefer so far?


I prefer Python - it’s my favourite!


I’m a huge Python fan myself. Was introduced to it when I got my first Raspberry Pi in 2012. Before that I’d been coding and teaching solely in Visual Basic.

Now I teach Python, Java and Javascript but still have a soft spot for Python! It’s definitely my go-to language.


Nice introduction!

Also, anyone can do CSS but not anyone can do good CSS :wink:


Some of us have been here a long time with a lot of accomplishments and never made an intro. Good job creating a nice intro for us!


Exactly! I would argue CSS is the hardest part of the front-end. It’s pretty easy to learn, but it is extremely hard to actually create nice-looking websites. (At least for me)


Yes I lack the artistic touch. CSS is so self-explanatory and straightforward, making the coding part easy, but making good aesthetics is so hard.


I usually have a nice idea in my head about what I want my site to look like, but it’s super hard to convert those thoughts to actual code. I’m not sure how people remember all of these CSS rules, I only know the extremely common ones.