It's not letting me run my command even though I have Nextcord installed

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can you send the repl link?

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Yeah, sure. Add me on Discord. do25k#2897

Hey @Schneider55, welcome to the community!

Replit’s own package manager can sometimes be unreliable at times. I recommend using Python’s own package manager, pip, instead:

$ pip install nextcord
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Why do you need to share it through discord? It’s just easier if you send the link here.

Not letting me send the link. Where do I use the pip thing? I’m sorry, I’m new and still learning to code. I just want this fix.

In the Shell tab. It’s right next to the Console by default.

Alright, let me see if the coding works now.


Idk what this means.

It means that there are conflicts with py-cord and nextcord, which means you will have to uninstall one of them by typing $ pip uninstall py-cord or $ pip uninstall nextcord into the shell.

Adding on to this, it would appear your TOKEN is unset, (resulting in the NoneType Error), so please ensure you set your token from the secrets tab, and that you are reading the token properly.

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