It still says Ghostwriter

It still says ghostwriter in the detect action tickbox

I wonder if that’s on purpose or replit just forgot to change it to AI. Thank you!


I think it might be a bug.
Or maybe it’s on purpose.
Replit did say a goodbye to “GhostWriter” though.


Things like this are so minor that I don’t think they’re bug report-worthy. Not only will the developers notice eventually, but also it’s not that important. They only rebranded it to AI a few days ago. It’s still going through the process.

This is the proper place to report typos in the docs.

Agreed but it still gets fixed, I have reported typos before and they got fixed.

Yes but they started before it was announced with the free Ghostwriter


Hey @LiquidPixel101!

Thank you for reporting this. I was able to reproduce this and have sent it to the team. I will follow up once this has been resolved.


I almost forgot to post an update: We have released a fix for this!

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