Issues broadcasting via Icecast/butt on Replit

Hey, all.
I’ve recently gotten Icecast working in a Bash repl on Replit, software that allows a user to create online “radio stations.” After completing it, I tried to start broadcasting via butt (Broadcast Using this Tool) and my stream would reset every 10/11 seconds. It appears that connecting only works every 10/11 seconds too; see the video with rough manual timings here: Sequence 01_1.mp4 - Google Drive
Repl here:
Any idea if this is a Replit issue? Anything I could be doing wrong here? Thanks!

Hey @bramley welcome to the forums!

Could provide some code so we can figure out what went wrong? Have a nice day :grinning:!

The repl is linked here: I’d provide a section of code that could be causing it if I knew what was going wrong, but as far as I know anything to do with the server would be configured in icecast.xml

No, the code of your Repl is what I mean.

@bramley could you please provide how you found your solution for future reference if people have this problem.

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