Issue with the RUN button and the webview

hello everyone
i am new here i am having an issue with the output window the problem i am facing is when i write a code in the editer window and i try to click on the RUN button instead of RUN button i find only STOP button and when i click on it then it turns into the RUN button and the webview is not working well it says " start a server to see the hosted output " i do not know what that exactly mean or what should i do to fix this . i need assistance. please Any suggestions guys

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Hi @sblmyr4a , welcome to the forums!
The Webview tab should update when you type, or you can click the ⟳/:arrows_counterclockwise: button to refresh the Webview.
Hope this helps!

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thank you @NateDhaliwal for your help. i already did that and i redid it again but still the sama thing. i do not understand how REPTIL work anymore i have not used it for a while . i have a question please why the RUN button does not existe. and if so how the code will appear on the webpage does it automatically by default appear on the webview without clicking on anything . Thanks in advance

Could you show a screenshot of what you see?

as you can see this is what is it shown on my webview

Yes, but what seems to be the problem? The Webview is up to date.
The run button, when is stopped, doesn’t show the website as the repl isn’t running.

I see the button is stopped but when i write a code and finish it by putting the closing tag nothing appear on the webpage also the STOP button still there untill i to click on it then it shows the RUN button. plus the link " zenva" when i click on it it does not lead to any webpage knowing that it is an external page. I appreciate your input.

You should just be able to refresh the webview with the button.

That seems like a code issue more than a Replit issue.

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That’s because the Webview was made for running the website and not external ones. Open it in a New Tab to make it redirect.
Hope this helps!

the code is totally accurate i’ve written the same code before the REPLIT changed its features and it did back then demonstrate the external page without any problem.