Issue with the cosole


I’ve been working my way through a java programming course for the past couple of months, and had no problems with Sophia. Within the last two days, however, my console changed from an empty box where I could enter commands and receive any errors; it now says, “Results of your code will now appear here when you run the code”, and it also gives you the option to hit Run.

The problem is that the Run button runs through my whole program (which is only designed to be run using commands through the console), and since I’m using Java I’m not supposed to be using the Run option in the first place.

Why is my console screwed up, and is there a way to change it back? Because currently I have no way to test my program or even begin to work through the errors it currently has, and my deadline to finish the program is within the next couple of weeks. If anyone has any ideas please let me know ASAP! Thanks!

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Hey @ColtonAnderson7 welcome to the forums!

There’s no way to go to the old console. But you can change the compile and run commands in the .replit file to change what happens when you click the run button achieving the same result as putting commands in the console

You could try running your commands in the Shell instead, that should have a similar effect.

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Okay, I’m still very new to programming. How would I go about changing that?

This page in the docs should help

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So I found the .replit page under the hidden files. What would I do to make the Run command only compile, and how would I run files that rely explicitly on what was the Old Console commands (e.g, that require me to type say, “java” and then enter in text inputs for specific values from there)?

How would I do that?