Issue with text coloring

Describe your feature request

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Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request Background colour is black while coding

Hello! :wave: Welcome to the forums. A feature request is not the right kind of report for this issue. You would want to change it to and Support. These forums can be confusing for new users.

Anyway, can you clarify your statement? Are you saying you want the background to be black, or it is black and you want it not to be?

Do you have a screenshot of the issue?


:wave: Welcome to the forums, @anjalibeutyparl!

We’d love to help, but we need more context. If you could use Loom or another recording software to shoot a video and/or send related screenshots, we would be able assist you to the best of our abilities.


You… Can only have a single category per topic.

Okay, I edited the post

Hi @anjalibeutyparl , welcome to the forums!
You can go to to change a theme (and background colour via the theme).
You can also create your own theme.
Hope this helps!

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