Issue with saving changes

Am having issues with saving changes or editing my code. If I edit the text and once I attempt to save it, everything I have written will wipe off, and it will return to how it was before the changing. Please I will appreciate any help.

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you mean everything gets wiped? First, try waiting a bit before closing the tab since replit so replit has a bit of time to save your files. Second, there is a history bar at the bottom:

Thanks. Not Everything gets wiped out. Only the new changes I made.

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nice I’d just try waiting a bit before closing

It happens almost immediately. Once I type something, immediately after about 5 seconds, it wipes off

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interesting seems that it’s an internet problem with the replit servers not registering your inputs

Exactly. How do I go about it

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I think basically, there’s nothing to do except get better internet. The thing is this is a classic client server problem. Your client (repl) is registering and putting your input because there’s 0 latency for a local editor. Whereas the internet you have is trying to ping the replit server and being far too slow. This results in you typing stuff and it missing stuff or being extremely delayed. So your screen will say on your end that it has, for example:

print("Hello World!")

whereas the server is only at:


and thus when the server repings your client, it’ll tell the client:

Hey! This is the code we currently got

and the client will respond by basically putting whatever the server has registered

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